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Holding Hands

The term “Intervention” means to go between or mediate between.  Intervention is the process which allows an individual to receive non-distorted information such that he or she can interact with his or her environment.


The principles of the Intervenor must address the following issues:




What information does the Intervenor need to ensure that the person is aware of what is going to happen, whether immediately or in the future?



What information do Intervenors need provided to give the person encouragement?  What are the person’s goals?  What adaptations to the environment are necessary based on the person’s level of sight, hearing and cognitive ability?



How will the Intervenor communicate with the person?  What are his/her preferred methods of communication?  How will the Intervenor ensure that the person has opportunities for expressive communication?



What information can the Intervenor provide to ensure that the person has understood what effect his/her actions have had?  How will the Intervenor let him/her know how successful she/he had been?


Intervention is not just a set of skills that can be easily learned.  It is in fact a process that must vary to meet the individual needs and abilities of each person.  Successful Intervenors are those who understand their role and who have not only the necessary skills but also the knowledge, training and experience that ensure their effectiveness.


Other Programs and Services


Contact the CDBA-NB office for further information on any of the following programs and services:

  • Intervention Services 

  • Assessment and Consultation

  • Intervenor Training

  • Resource Materials

  • Career Opportunities

  • Individualized Programs

  • Camp

  • Volunteer Opportunities

  • Workshops

  • Signs of Sharing (NB/PEI) Newsletter

  • Intervention Magazine (National)

  • CDBA Membership

  • Donating


Programmes et services

N’hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous si vous voulez en savoir plus sur les programmes et services suivants :

  • Services d’intervention

  • Évaluation et consultation

  • Formation en intervention

  • Ressources documentaires

  • Possibilités de carrière

  • Programmes adaptés

  • Camp

  • Possibilités de bénévolat

  • Ateliers

  • Planification transitoire

  • Bulletin Signs of Sharing (N.-B./Î.-P.É.)

  • Magazine Intervention (à l’échelle nationale)

  • Adhésion à l’ACSC

  • Dons



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