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What is a Snoezelen Room

Historically, sensory rooms have been used primarily with people with moderate to severe developmental difficulties and older adults with cognitive impairments.The idea to expand and the use of sensory rooms for individuals with hearing/vision loss is a more recent application.  An essential part of this development is to maintain an emphasis on engaging meaningful activities and in recognizing the relationship and importance of the therapeutic use of self.The enhancement of the physical environment, including the use of sensory rooms, affords a more nurturing and recovery orientated therapeutic environment.”Tina Champagne M.Ed. OTRL/ 2006


The Purpose is to provide and ensure a safe, non-threatening environment.The Snoezelen Room offers a nurturing; person centered supportive environment and interdisciplinary treatment space.It is used to facilitate empowerment, self-organization, relaxation, sensory awareness, communication, reality orientation, activity tolerance and general awareness of self, peers and the environment.


Teaching Kitchen

Fees for non- CDBA-NB Clients


Snoezelen Room Fees


Non CDBA-NB Inc. Clients


Sessions are 1 hour

Monday to Friday

9:00 am to 4:00 pm


Pay as you go - $15.00 per session (must be paid upon arrival for a session)


4 Session Card - $40.00


Life skills is a huge part of many of our clients programs.  Our goals is to provide them with a space to do just that by developing a Teaching Kitchen.  The Kitchen will have all the tools necessary for our clients to learn how to cook/bake.  They will learn to read recipes, follow directions, measure, how to use kitchen equipment safely, etc. 

Lorna Thompson Memorial Snoezlen Room

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