Corey’s first two visits to the Snoezelen room have been amazing.


On his first visit, he explored the spray lights and while staying in the corner he observed the room but was content to stay by the door and play with the mats that were stuck on the door.  As time progressed, he made his way to the ball pool and began laughing and throwing balls back into the ball pool, but would not go near it.


On his second visit…he was very excited to go into the Snoezelen Room.  He came right in, checked out the spray lights again and immediately interacted with Stacey by the ball pool throwing the balls in…. the next thing we knew, he stepped up on the platform by the ball pool, but his arm around Stacey for support and went into the ball pool.  He had the most amazing smile on his face!   It brought Stacey and Shari to tears.  He “played” in the ball pool for about ½ hour…smiling the entire time and laughed out loud.


Snoezelen Room Fees


Non CDBA-NB Inc. Consumers


Sessions are 1 hour

Monday to Friday

8:30 am to 4:00 pm


Pay as you go - $15.00 per session (must be paid upon arrival for a session)


4 Session Card - $40.00


“Owen and I visited to the CDBA-NB Office where Owen went to the Snoezelen Room. During our time in the Snoezelen room , Owen interacted and used many sensory items. Some of these items included the ball pit , the hammock and a circuit board that controlled the color of the room. He played with this for a while and used ‘cause and effect’ to figure out how it worked. After this he went between those three things and the light switch controls.

During our next visit in the Snoezelen room Owen discovered a chair that vibrated; he enjoyed this and spent the majority of his time in this. While he was in the chair we practiced some sign language. Owen showed some progress in signing words such as ‘enough’ and ‘more’, paired with these were please and thank you.” Intervenor

Lorna Thompson Memorial Snoezlen Room

What is a Snoezelen Room

The First Visitors

Fees for non- CDBA-NB Consumers

Historically, sensory rooms have been used primarily with people with moderate to severe developmental difficulties and older adults with cognitive impairments.The idea to expand and the use of sensory rooms for individuals with hearing/vision loss is a more recent application.  An essential part of this development is to maintain an emphasis on engaging meaningful activities and in recognizing the relationship and importance of the therapeutic use of self.The enhancement of the physical environment, including the use of sensory rooms, affords a more nurturing and recovery orientated therapeutic environment.”Tina Champagne M.Ed. OTRL/ 2006


The Purpose is to provide and ensure a safe, non-threatening environment.The Snoezelen Room offers a nurturing; person centered supportive environment and interdisciplinary treatment space.It is used to facilitate empowerment, self-organization, relaxation, sensory awareness, communication, reality orientation, activity tolerance and general awareness of self, peers and the environment.


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